If you have an emergency
call 9-1-1

For fire and EMS calls from a
cellphone dial

Contra Costa County
Fire Protection District
Administrative Office:

4005 Port Chicago Highway,
Suite 250
Concord, CA 94520-1180

Phone: (925) 941-3300
E-mail: info@cccfpd.org



Call 9-1-1 in Emergencies

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  1. What cities are in your jurisdiction? Where are your stations?
    The incorporated cities we serve are: Antioch, Clayton, Concord, Lafayette, Martinez, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, San Pablo, and Walnut Creek. We also serve these unincorporated communities: Bay Point, Clyde, El Sobrante, Pacheco, Port Chicago. See a list of station addresses with links to directions.
  2. How do I get a Fire Report?
    For an official Fire Report, please call the Administration Office at (925) 941-3300. Select option "0" for the Operator.
  3. Is this a Spare the Air night? Is fireplace burning allowed?
    To check on burn bans, call the toll-free hotline at 877-4NO-BURN at Bay Area Air Quality Management District, or go to www.sparetheair.org.
  4. What are the standards and requirements for weed abatement?
    Property owners are responsible for managing their vegetation to meet fire district requirements. Weed abatement standards and resources are on our Exterior Hazard pages or you may call our Weed Abatement information line 925-941-3324.
  5. Can I schedule a ride-along with the Fire District? How do I schedule a Fire Station Tour?
    Please contact our Fire District Station Tour Coordinator at (925) 941-3321 to schedule a ride-along or station tour.
  6. We're testing our fire alarm, who do we notify?
    Please call our Communications Center at (925) 941-3330 about your fire alarm test.
  7. Is today a burn day?
    Please visit the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for Open Burn Status or call 1-800-792-0787.
  8. To whom do I talk to about my weeds? My neighbor's weeds?
    Call the Exterior Hazard Control Division at (925) 941-3324. More information, including a complaint form and a contractor list, is on this web site at Exterior Hazard Control.
  9. Do you give Smoke Detectors to seniors and people with disabilities?
    Yes. Please contact our Public Education Division at (925) 941-3327.
  10. Do you rescue animals?
    No. Please contact Animal Control at (925) 646-2995.
  11. Can I volunteer as a firefighter?
    Ours is not a Volunteer Fire Department. We do have paid Reserve Firefighter positions at two station locations. Call (925)941-3627 for more information.
  12. How do I report someone who is parking in front of a fire hydrant, at a fire lane, or in front of a red curb?
    Contact your local police or the Sheriff's Department about parking violations.
  13. What can I do if I smell a strange odor in the air outdoors? or In my building?
    You can call Bay Area Air Quality Management at (800)334-6367 for odors in the air outdoors.
    If there are suspect odors inside your place of business or residence contact our Communications Center at (925) 941-3330. If you believe the odor is smoke or may cause a health emergency, call 9-1-1.
  14. Do you inspect Child Safety Seats?
    We inspect child safety seats through our Child Passenger Safety Program to ensure that they have been safely installed. Appointments can be made by calling our CPSP Hotline at (925) 941-3326 or emailing us at childcarseat@cccfpd.org.
  15. Do you take fireworks for disposal?
    Yes. Please contact the main Administration Office at (925) 941-3300 for details. Select option "0" for the operator.
  16. How can we get a fire truck out to a community event?
    Please contact our Fire District Station Tour Coordinator at (925) 941-3321 to request a fire engine for a community event.
  17. What is "ARSON"
    Arson can be where someone intentionally, recklessly, or unlawfully sets a fire or is responsible for starting a fire.
  18. When should you call the tip line?
    You should call when you actually see or hear who was involved in the fire.
  19. If you call the tip line, will someone respond immediately?
    Remember, the "tip line" is for messages that we will check every day. If you need immediate assistance, call your local law enforcement agency or the fire department directly.
  20. If you leave a message, is your information anonymous?
    Yes, your information can be anonymous if you wish. Please specify in your message if you do not want to be identified of contacted by investigators. But remember, a good witness is one of the best crime fighting tools there is!
  21. Parcel Tax Initiative Information
    Click Here
  22. Shell Refinery Flare Warning – Sept 8th 2012
    The Shell Martinez Refinery will be doing some work on one of their flares over the weekend of Sep. 8 near the Pacheco Blvd. side of the refinery. A flare is a safety device that is used to combust excess gases and depressurize a unit or piece of equipment in the refinery. The testing of the flare can emit smoke for short periods, and cause some noise and rumbling at times. For more information, visit the Shell Martinez blog site at: http://blogs.shell.com/martinez/2012/08/flare-maintenance-the-weekend-of-sep-8/.

** Arson Tip: It is up to ALL of us to do the right thing. Let's stomp out firesetters! For additional information please call our main office number at (925) 941-3300.