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Contra Costa County
Fire Protection District
Administrative Office:

4005 Port Chicago Highway,
Suite 250
Concord, CA 94520-1180

Phone: (925) 941-3300
E-mail: info@cccfpd.org


Smoke Alarm and Installation Request

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  • Agreement by submitting this form:

    You give permission to Contra Costa Fire Protection District to place a battery operated smoke alarm in your home or apartment. This device is furnished from a Smoke Detector Fund with contributions from the public and the business community.

    You understand that Contra Costa County Fire Protection District does not warrant the manufacturers guarantee. Should the alarm fail to operate in the event of a fire, Contra Costa County and/ or the Fire Protection District shall not be liable for any claims associated with that fire and/or the failure of the device.

    You also understand that Contra Costa County Fire Protection District is not responsible for maintaining the device and replacing the battery each year at the same time (or when the device "chirps" indicating that the battery is worn-out). Please request that a new battery be installed if you are unable to do it yourself.

    If you:
          flame you own your own home and,
          flame you are 60 years or older, or
          flame you are disabled,
    you are qualified to receive a free smoke alarm with installation. We will also change your smoke alarm batteries free of charge.

    I have read and agree to the above terms.

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