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Wildfire Resident Guide

CCCFPD Residents Wildland Fire Guide


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Contra Costa County
Fire Protection District
Administrative Office:

4005 Port Chicago Highway,
Suite 250
Concord, CA 94520-1180

Phone: (925) 941-3300
E-mail: info@cccfpd.org


Exterior Hazard Complaint

The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District has minimum standards for weed abatement. Weed abatement and other vegetation management are part of the Defensible Space Initiative.

The primary purpose of the Fire District's Exterior Hazard Control Division is to limit the potential source of fuel for fire through the abatement of combustible rubbish and vegetation.

Property owners are ultimately responsible for managing their vegetation to meet fire district requirements. To report a property that is out of compliance with Fire District standards, please fill out this form.

To find the county assessor’s parcel number (APN) for the property on which the hazard exists, please click on the following link, select “Locate Intersection”, and enter the two streets closest to the hazard. You may then navigate through the GIS map to find the property APN so that you can fill it in on the “Exterior Hazard Complaint” form. http://gismap.ccmap.us/imf/imf.jsp?site=ccmap


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